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"We are delighted to recommend Phoenix Roofing to one and all."

~ Erna and Susan, Rochester, Vermont

Project Gallery


We specialize in the installation of the following roofing systems. Select a category to view a more detailed description of the roofing system, and see a gallery of some projects in that category. Visit the Phoenix Advantage section for more details about our quality practices.


Standing Seam

Custom formed Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, or Zinc roofing panels. We offer many colors to choose from in steel and aluminum. There are NO exposed fasteners in our standing seam roofing systems.


Slate is an Ancient, Reliable, Proven form of roofing. A properly installed slate roof can last hundreds of years with minimal maintanence and repairs. Slate roofing, while attractive and durable, must be installed properly to accomplish a secure roofing system.


Tile roofing is not seen too much in the Northeast, but is nonetheless a good roofing system. We install baked clay and cement tile roofs, with many colors and styles of each.


Shingle roofing is one of our biggest sellers. While relatively inexpensive, new shingle technology has brought this roofing system up to par with some of the other, more expensive systems. Phoenix Roofing LLC is a GAF Certified Installer, enabling us to offer an enhanced warranty on shingle roofs. All of the shingles we use carry full Lifetime warranty.

Custom Metal Work

Over the years, we have become masters at forming metal around intricate structures, while maintaining a weathertight roofing system. This is where art and expression merge with roofing.


If you view the projects included in this category, you will see that we have great experience in roofing and maintaining steeples throughout the area. Steeples can be very tricky to work on, but with our attention to detail and safety, and the use of our 60' manlift, we can accomplish steeple repairs professionally within a reasonable time frame.