Phoenix Roofing LLC is a fully insured roofing company. We carry liability insurance to protect against the possibility of an accident that may occur while work is being performed.

We also carry full workman's compensation insurance for all our employees. If one of our employees gets injured on the job, our insurance will take full care of them. You, the homeowner cannot become liable for our workers.

Many contractors do not carry insurance for their company. This poses problems, especially for the employee and the homeowner. If an accident should occur on the job, there is often no way for the contractor to pay for the mishap, and he could be driven out of business. If the contractor is driven out of business, the roof installation or other products no longer have any warranty that may have been offered.

Due to the inherent risk involved in the trade, liability and workman's compensation insurance are very costly for a roofing company. Because of this expense, many 'professional' companies and contractors do not carry insurance. They may claim that their employees are 'sub-contractors,' but in most cases, the employees do not meet the requirements to be sub-contractors (one of which is carrying their own insurance), and thus the contractor is still responsible should an unfortunate accident occur on the job.

Failing to carry insurance not only shows lack of consideration for the homeowner and the employees, but also for the law. It is mandatory for a roofing company to carry insurance.

We value our customers, and consider it a privilege that you count on us to provide you with a quality roof. We also value our employees, and realize that without their hard work, Phoenix Roofing LLC would not be in business. We are fully insured to protect you and our employees.