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Ridgecap (Standing Seam)

When crafting a standing seam roof, we always put the ridgecap on last. This may seem like the obvious order in which to apply a roof, but some contractors put the ridgecap on first, 'boxing' the ends of the panels, and pushing them up under the ridgecap after the ridgecap is on. This method, as you can see below, is unattractive and creates a compromised roofing system.


There are exposed fasteners in the roof when a 'ridgecap first' method is employed. Notice also, that the seams are only 'single-locked' in these pictures. For more about the reason for that, and details about the differences between 'single-locked' seams and fully 'double-locked' seams, see the Fully Locked Seams article.

Ridgecap first application:






























When we craft a standing seam roof, there are no exposed fasteners, and this includes the ridgecap: