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Roof penetrations and vents

One of the aspects of standing seam roofing that is often overlooked is in the area of roof penetrations. Many companies and contractors do not understand the proper way to accomplish a standing seam roof penetration. Below are some contrasts between the way Phoenix Roofing, LLC handles a roof penetration, and what some other companies do.

The solution that uninformed companies often find is the employment of a 'boot' designed for shingle roof applications. As you can see, using one of these boots requires a break or a slit in the panel, and many times screws which penetrate the panel. This clearly results in a compromised roofing system with many possible leak points. This method is also aesthetically unappealing.





























 The introduction of a shingle type boot can also cause corrosion of the roof.
















When flashing a roof penetration, we roll a custom flashing out of the same material as the roof, carefully tying the panel into that flashing. This gives the penetration a much cleaner look, and a much more watertight result.
















Another problem not often addressed is snow build-up behind roof penetrations. Snow will accumulate, causing tremendous pressure and possible failure of the roof penetration.
















If there is the possibility of the above scenario happening on a roof, we recommend the installation of a snowgaurd behind the penetration. The small initial cost pays off in the long run, with peace of mind and a more secure roofing system.