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Slate Roofing


At Phoenix Roofing LLC, we take great care when installing a slate roof. We believe that slate roofing is an art, one that is slowly being lost in the interest of huge profits, modern technology, and indifference. The techniques of slate roofing date back many centuries. With proper maintenance, many of these roofs are still intact. A modern slate roof, correctly installed, can also last for hundreds of years.

One of the most important, most often overlooked aspects of good slate roofing is the actual nailing of the slates. The slates cannot be nailed too tightly, especially in northern climates. If the slates are nailed too tightly, ice forming between the slates can crack the slates, causing failure of the roofing system.

Many companies install metal drip-edge prior to installing slates on a roof. This is an unnecessary cost, is non-traditional, and detracts from the overall look of the roof.

When installing slates, it is necessary to install a 'cant strip' under the starter course. When this is not done, the roof gets a hump at the bottom, causing the second course of slates to be elevated, thus causing potential breakage.

More to come...