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Roof Insulation and Ice Damming

One problem that confronts many homes in the Northeast is the accumulation of huge amounts of ice on the eaves of roofs. For the most part, this is caused by heat loss from the interior of the home. After snow accumulates on the roof surface, if there is heat loss, the snow will begin to melt. As the water leaves the roof area above the living space and comes in contact with the cold roof area above the eave, it turns to ice. This process continues, and a wall of ice begins to develop. This ice wall acts as a dam, holding the water that continues to trickle down the roof. This water then finds its way through the roofing system and into the interior of the house, causing water damage and headaches for the homeowner.

The solution to this problem is the construction of a proper insulation system integrated into the roofing system. At Phoenix Roofing LLC, we have developed several systems for insulating a roof before we apply our roofing system. If ice damming or heat loss are a problem for the homeowner, we will review these systems and choose the most effective one for the specific situation.

We always recommend that an insulation system be integrated with a proper venting system for maximum protection and efficiency.